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Contact Us is the place with the most professional support service in the industry. These experts work every day for the users’ safety and comfort and it is extremely effective. Otherwise, you will notice only scammer photos on this dating service.

New and new methods of protection are created, but the total removal of this problem is almost impossible without the users’ assistance. For instance, if the support team is checking everything 24 hours a day and a client doesn’t notify about a fraud. It is a useless work. These experts cannot read your messages and understand that you are chatting with a scammer, but you do. You can notice a suspicious activity and contact a support team. Just one click and your problem will be solved and maybe even the problem of the other users.

Of course, there are different scammer lists, though every user should try to be a little bit more responsible for his/her activity on any website. Brides’ scams are not so frequent, but this problem exists. So, let’s change this situation and use brides’ scam-free platform.     

Please, contact a support team whenever you need it. If somebody is asking for financial assistance, your personal information or provocative photos, it is really strange. So, don’t share any of these information online and immediately contact us.